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Key Steps For Your Dust Monitoring Action Plan

Latent dust exposure has been known to have long term health implications for mine workers and occupants of surrounding adjacent areas. As key prevention steps, there’s a wide range of dust monitoring controls you can integrate into your operations. Apart from using a real time particulate monitor we recommend implementing the following action plans across your workplace:

  • Keep the number of workers in dust-range work areas to a minimum.
  • Respiratory protective equipment (RPE) made for an exact fit. Additionally, employers should reinforce other items of protective equipment to be worn correctly by workers. They should provide RPEs with a high assigned protection factor (APF) for their employees’ safety.

The above prevention and control techniques should be used in combination with each other to sufficiently provide an effective countermeasure.

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Partner With Nome Services For Dust Monitoring Solutions

Nome Services provides essential dust control, risk management, and increased workplace safety. Our technology is more than capable of meeting the needs of your project — no matter how large or small. Enquire now to find out how we can improve your worksite and process.

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Our Featured Product — Air XD Real Time Particulate Monitoring System

A real-time dust monitor providing highly accurate particulate monitoring for harsh environments. The AIR XD particulate monitor offers unparalleled accuracy and flexibility with its real-time data. It provides the necessary information to protect people, processes and the environment.

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Flexible, configurable

Focus on one PM size or all of them. You choose.

Because the AIR XD collects data on all particulates between 0.35μm and 40μm, users can easily access detailed information about any PM size. The Air XD the unit allows simultaneous display of any combination of PM sizes required. The use of our application software allows detailed analysis of all measured particulates, offering advanced 3D graphing across the full-size range. Easily see how the composition of your dust changes overtime to ensure your workforce has optimal protection.

We highly recommend having a look at our products such as mining boots and roof safety mesh.

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Measurement Range

0.1 µg/m3 Up to 1500 mg/m3

PM Size range

0.35 µm – 40 µm (including PM1.0, PM2.5, PM4.25, PM10, TSP)

PM Density Range

0.8 g/ml to 8 g/ml (default: 1.65 g/ml)

Averaging Period

1 s – 24 hrs

Maximum Particle Count

10,000 per second


+/- 5%

Flow Rate

Dynamic (1.2 l/m nominal)


95% (non-condensing)

Operation Temperature

10 to 40 °C

Relay Outputs

Two configurable (alarm outputs)

4-20 mA Outputs

Two configurable (real-time readings)


128 x 64 dot matrix display with backlight


Five navigation (membrane keypad)


RS485 data output with MODBUS protocol Ethernet


100 V to 240 V ac 50/60 Hz 9 V to 30 V dc


7.1 kg

Data Storage

>10 years

Data Download


  • Constant pressure from 1 to 20 inches water
  • Bluetooth wireless connectivity with PC and DataTrac Pro Software
  • Large backlit display
  • Displays time, date, battery status, flow rate, sample volume, temperature, atmospheric pressure, programmed run remaining time, and elapsed run time
  • Easy touch screen operation and calibration
  • Constant flows from 20 to 500 ml/min
  • Accommodates typical flow rates for sorbent tubes
  • Constant pressure from 1 to 20 inches water