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Broadmeadow is an underground coal mine in Queensland outputting roughly 6 million tons a year.

Stage 1

A single pump was fitted with a controller at a workshop sump. A data logger was used to measure air consumption over 24 hours. It was shown that run time in this application was reduced by 94%.

Stage 2

Six units were deployed throughout the mine in various roles to test the long term reliability and suitability. These units were in service been in use for over 1 year. We have had only one unit fail due to wear. 

Stage 3

A panel was fitted with 7 controlled pumps and data collected from the air supply in to the panel. Data was collected for approximately 1 month. It was shown that controllers reduced total air consumption by 74%.


Following a successful trial period, 72 controllers in total were fitted to pumps throughout the mine over a period of 12 months.  

Maintenance costs of these controlled pumps were tracked by CSGME. 

Compared to uncontrolled pumps, a fleet of 72 controlled pumps will save $705,966 annually in electricity and maintenance.

Since incorporating the MK3 pump controllers to our air pumps, we have seen overhaul durations dramatically increase from 3 months previously, to nearly 18 months currently. This is a great return on investment in maintenance alone before taking into account an increased air supply throughout our mine.

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