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Crawford Mining Boots

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Crawford Safety Boots
Crawford Boot

Our Featured Product — Crawford Mining Safety Boots


Built on 25 YEARS of experience working with Australia’s underground miners feet.

Designed to survive the tough environment of Australian underground mines and ready to take on any wet area work site in the world.

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Crawford Work Boots With A Perfect Fit

Our mining work boots are fit for purpose — underground or any wet area work sites are easily navigated with our Crawford mining boots. They’re also perfect working boots for any construction work activity. These superior waterproof safety boots are available in Electrical Shock Resistant (ESR) or Antistatic (AS) specification.

Both models of mining safety boots are compliant with Australian and International Safety standards. They are made with similar built-in features and incorporate our Wedgetech Personalised Lock-fit System to give you a custom fit.

Electrical Shock Resistant Boots

Our Crawford boots have won several mining and safety awards. Lower your risk in high power environments with Nome’s Crawford safety boots.

• Coal Mining
• Hard Rock Mining
• Tunnelling
• Civil

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The guys have actually commented that they can go home and actually do something with their kids after work, whereas before the crippling effect of the pain in their feet was slowing them down and not allowing them to do that. They are a bit of a sports shoe type setup and not as sloppy as a traditional gumboot so you could really say it's like the Nike of the gumboot industry.

Crawford Boots

Scott Ginnivan - Mining