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Coal Mining Equipment & Mine Safety Products

The leading provider for mining safety equipment Australian mining, tunneling and civil construction rely on, we’re your one-stop shop for workplace safety improvements. We create technology tailored for your precise use, helping you save lives in the process. With a solid reputation across Australia and worldwide, we provide an end-to-end service unlike any other mine safety equipment suppliers. From your initial installation, to periodic compliance checks, Read More safety upgrades and more, we continuously assess your equipment for efficiency. More importantly, we deliver site-specific solutions designed to maximise output, reduce downtime and costs across a wide range of production sectors.

Mining Safety Equipment For Sale Australia

Nome is a longtime partner for the mining and minerals sector in Australia. We deliver mining safety supplies with a focus on safety, giving you custom forward-thinking solutions to enhance productivity.

What system do you need for your materials handling operation? What about risk management and controls? Find out with Nome. We can integrate a ground support system to provide everything your business needs to improve underground mining safety.

Improve Process And Save Lives With Nome

Nome is the leader for innovative Australian industrial solutions. We offer mining safety equipment for a broad range of applications. Our technology allows you to eliminate worksite hazards and address systemic issues and risks in the mining industry. Furthermore, they create a better opportunity for your business to allocate resources responsibly and efficiently. Supporting you through planning stages, delivery to completion, our mine safety products (dust suppression solutions) help you execute operations with safety measures accounted for. With a culture of care and responsibility, we work closely with our clients to ensure a safe approach to your worksite and processes.
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