For any industrial equipment used in hazardous environments, it is important to make sure they are intrinsically safe to prevent any injuries and explosions. This is because a work environment that already has inherent risks will be made all the more dangerous by the devices and equipment on site. By definition, a device is intrinsically safe and suitable for hazardous areas if their output energy is too low to cause ignition.
A wide range of industrial equipment from flashlights, cameras, gas detectors and radios are available in intrinsically safe forms. Intrinsically safe devices can offer productivity and safety benefits to your work processes without adding to pre-existing hazards. For intrinsically safe equipment used in hazardous industrial environments, choose Nome Services for cost-effective, reliable and robust solutions.
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How Intrinsically Safe Equipment Works

Intrinsically safe tools include a wide range of items from smartphones, tablets, torches, gas detectors, cameras and other instruments for weight and pressure measurement. Even when an intrinsically safe device is damaged, the unit won’t be able to produce heat or sparks that can cause explosions. This is due to how intrinsically safe designs minimise power and heat creation. Each equipment has to be independently certified, and the entire system it belongs to must be designed to intrinsic safety standards before they’re serviceable.
The costs of intrinsically safe devices mainly lie in getting and maintaining its certification rather than its actual components. Rather, full documentation of all components is required to certify an intrinsically safe product. The benefits of adopting an intrinsically safe design include simplifying installation, financial savings, enabling maintenance on live equipment, and the most important objective—a safer workplace.

The Importance of Maintenance For Intrinsically Safe Equipment

An intrinsically safe system needs full documentation of all their components and wiring. Immediately after installation, there will be a mandatory inspection followed by periodic inspection throughout the life of the intrinsically safe equipment. The purpose of these inspections is to identify any damage or deterioration that may occur within the product’s life. Additionally, it is to ensure there aren’t any unapproved or unauthorised replacements made to intrinsically safe system components. Nome Services prioritises your safety, providing an end-to-end service for your intrinsically safe products from its installation to regular maintenance.

Protect Your People and Property With Nome Services

As industrial and chemical environments have significant explosion risks, it’s important to implement controls in hazardous workplaces. While it isn’t possible to completely eliminate the presence of flammable gases, vapours, dust or fibers in your processes, it is possible to design systems that eliminate the possibility of any accidents. This is where intrinsic safety comes in, preventing the ignition of any flammable material in your surrounding environments. Intrinsic safety design principles allow the operation of non-negotiable electrical instruments in these areas. Contact Nome Services for intrinsically safe equipment for your workplace. We’re Australia’s mining leading supplier when it comes to mining, civil,industrial technology and technical innovation.

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