Through technical innovation, Nome continuously develops solutions across mining, tunneling, construction, structural and civil engineering. Our safety equipment, monitoring technology and installation works provide an effective ground support system for various projects. We help with cost reductions, increased workplace safety and higher productivity. Enquire now.
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Technical Innovation Across The Board With Nome

Nome Services is your leading supplier for mining, tunneling and civil technology for various construction purposes. When you partner with us, we won’t simply leave you with new equipment. We will integrate our products and services into your overall process. This means we’ll address every ongoing issue from risk management, controls and periodically assess for safety compliance and improvements. Eliminating hazards and vulnerabilities in your worksite and processes, we’ll implement cost-effective solutions for your safety and productivity. Here are some areas of technical innovation we can help your business with:

  • Dust Monitoring
  • Dust Suppression System
  • Rock Monitoring
  • Roof Safety Mesh
  • Plastic Mesh/Geogrid/Geotextile
  • Intrinsically Safe Design
  • Protective Gear i.e. Mining Safety Boots
  • And many more.


Grow With Nome Services

Known to work closely with our clients, Nome enjoys a solid reputation throughout Australia and around the globe. We are continuously at the forefront of technical innovation when it comes to industrial developments in safety culture and behavioral based safety. Our mission is to prioritise safety culture in your business while providing exceptional outcomes throughout your project delivery. We work together with our clients and employees to ensure a safe and optimal approach to your production.
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