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Tier 1 Coal Mining company within Australia


Tier 1 coal mining company within Australia

The issue?

  • Roof collapse occurance in the main access tunnel of the mine.
  • After rehabilitation works were completed, operations were commenced only for a second roof collapse occurence in an adjacent area of the same tunnel.
  • Both falls caused great financial loses to the company and put their workers at risk.
  • After the second roof fall, the mines department, insurance providers and company representatives sought additional measures to ensure worker safety and prevent any more occurances of a STRATA failure.

The Solution!

The company opted for the insatallation of the real-time strata monitoring system, the Nome RockMonitor. Set-up with automated alarms to give early warnings or any abnormal movement. Automated alarms are sent via email and SCADA alerts to key staff.


By implementing the RockMonitor real-time STRATA system in the mine, the company and its people are given early warnings of any occuring event. They can ensure controls are in place to keep all workers safe, while future-proofing their business from potentially catastrophic financial losses and STRATA failures.