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Tier 1 coal mining company with underground longwall operations in Australia

The issue?

  • The leading cause of incidents and injury in longwall tailgates was having to erect standing support to prevent STRATA control issues.
  • Standing support has always been in place as an additional safety precaution. Removal or reduction in standing support would result in safety/injury improvements.
  • Production efficiency was also a controversial issue.


The Solution!

The Nome RockMonitor STRATA monitoring system was put in place in the tailgate roadway and incorporated into site operation processes for quick responses to STRATA failures if they occur. The decision was approved in conjunction with a formal risk assessment to reduce the standing support densities in the tailgate road by 49%.



The numbers speak for themselves!

49% Reduction in standing supports through greater spacing.

25% Increase in up-time each maintenance shift

4% Increase in production rates per day

65% Reduction in injury/incident reports