Our mining, tunnelling and construction industries expertise, in-depth knowledge of these industries and partnerships with global companies allows us to develop and manufacture products of uncompromising reliability and quality.

We have a wide range of mining consumables available to maximise safety and reduce costs.

Our consumables range:

  • Assorted stainless steel enclosures (Custom Wired to Any Specification)
  • FRAS Rated Geogrid Mesh
  • Steel Mesh (Standard and Resin Coated)
  • Geo-textiles (Woven and Non-Woven)
  • Geo-synthetics and Composite Geo-synthetics
  • Assorted Drill Tips and Drill Tip Refurbishment
  • Shearer Picks
  • Miner Picks
  • Magnetic Base Rotalite
  • Telescopic S Hook Installation Poles
  • Communication Cable S Hooks
  • 3D Printed Consumables
  • Lifeline Cone Conveyor Cable Holders
  • Tracker Tag Holders
  • Polyurethane Longwall Panline Joiners
  • Polyurethane Longwall Pan Mandril’s
  • PVC Pogo Sticks 
  • Demarcation Pogo’s (Hanging)
  • Armoured and Non Armoured Cables
  • Custom Belt Electrical Packs

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Core Values

Value: We foster a work environment where creative 
thinking is encouraged and rewarded in order to
create opportunities for process improvement and
more cost-effective sustainable products and
services to ensure we are providing value to our

Reliability: We will ensure that the effectiveness of
our product and service quality, health and safety
and environmental management systems is
improved continuously. We will do everything in our
power to maintain our reputation and be a
reliable partner to both our customers and

Quality: We take pride in providing high quality
products and services that we stand behind,
which ensures customer satisfaction, profitability
and future growth for our customers, employees
and Nome Services.

Results: At the forefront of our philosophy is a
focus on results. We demonstrate a relentless
effort to meet commitments and consistently
deliver better results through goal setting, clear
communications, and prioritising project planning.
This approach is evident in our consistent delivery
of innovative and critical outcomes, both internally
and externally.


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