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Spike in silicosis cases from dust created when cutting stone kitchen benchtops

silicosis cases

Silicosis is a potentially deadly lung disease mostly associated with the coal mining industry. But there has been a silicosis outbreak in Queensland among tradesmen who make kitchen and bathroom bench tops with engineered stone. Some of those workers and the medical profession are sounding the alarm about what they fear could become a public health emergency.

Nome Services provide a dust monitoring device and dust suppression that helps you track the amount of dust in your business zone. By using this device, you can keep your dust levels under control and avoid potential health problems.

The Nome Services device is easy to use. Simply place it in the room you want to monitor and turn it on. The device will take measurements of the dust levels in the room and send the data to your smartphone or tablet. You can then view the data on the app, which will help you track your dust levels over time.

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